Three sentient races with very different origins were forced by fate to live in a huge island cluster called by the natives Arpago. Thanks to the nature of each race’s leadership, and environmental situation being very generous for the population of archipelago in question, these three usually cooperate and work as one. Through the ages they fought off many threats already, but as there are countless of known and unknown creatures roaming the islands, all the people would already be lost if not for aforementioned teamwork.

Humans race title pic

Humans are not natives in Arpago – few centuries ago they came on their ships, as they had to escape from volcanic eruptions of unknown source on the main continent. They are masters in terms of naval travel, archery, as well as farming. They have built several cities on the islands and since they get along well with Fox Folk, everyone is welcome in their towns – large scale conflicts are unheard of. Humans are usually willing to share knowledge, which behaviour might be considered as a farm of repay for safe refuge. They’ve constructed a lot of bridges and shipyards on the islands, which are free to use by anyone.

Fox folk title image

Fox Folk are a race whose main features are most likely quick reflexes, great sight, and general knowledge about the islands. Before humans came, vast majority of them used to inhabit small huts  made of grass in the forests, while eating whatever the nature provided. As a lot has changed since then, some decided to try making a living in cities or near farms. They are skilled mages, who traded arcane knowledge with Troglodytes in the past, and most of Foxes usually approach everything carefully. Because of their attitude, logical thinking, and mediating skills, conflicts are quickly solved.

Troglodyte title image

Troglodytes are a race of reticent amphibians. They do not seek quarrel, but they rarely take intiative in terms of helping anyone. Before humans arrived, they used to live near the coasts or cliffs in cottages and caves. Many centuries have passed, and regardless of their heritage, some decided to live together with Fox Folk or Humans. Luckily, a lot of islands in the archipelago are still uninhabited, and there is enough space for everyone. They are fierce warriors, and their scholars discovered dozens of defensive spells, which were helpful in securing settlements against wild creatures.