Quest Log, trading, minimap, new UI elements

Quest Log, trading, minimap, new UI elements

Quest log

In order to track which quests are completed or in progress (and at what stage they are), a journal is needed. Each quest has a preset number of stages and each action (entering an area, choosing a dialogue option, etc.) can lead to the next one (non-linear quests are supported). Interface used for managing quests and choosing active one is planned.


As selling your trash precious treasures is a valid way of getting money, I’ve added options that allow you to sell and buy certain items from an NPC.


It’s a rather technical change and a slight visual upgrade. Map is now paper based, has colors, will have text when zoomed out, and each icon on the map is a separate object that allows me to edit the gameworld and move stuff around on the map as well without editing the source texture.

Minimap in action


  • Flying text when receiving, picking up, dropping, or having an item removed. Looks cool!
  • Added a better texture for Hotkey buttons at the bottom-right, as well as added support for 4 more.
  • There’s now background behind text when talking to an NPC, provides more clarity.
  • Changed EXP counter to radial, its background to darker, and its color to green-ish – still temporary.
  • Minimap and quest log mentioned earlier.


Loot effect - flying text


Minimap icons