New enemies, areas, spells

New enemies, areas, spells

I’ve made quite a big progress regarding new content. It’s still very muc work in progress, but the mechanics are in and they are functional most importantly.

First of all, most spells will be class-specific. Other classes might be able to use them, although much less effectively, as long as they meet the requirements. All spells take into the account current statistics and level of the character – usually changing effect’s strength or length. For example, Ranger has:

Bolt Rain, a small Area of Effect spell which requires a crossbow to be equipped,

Dash ability (seen on a gif below) which allows quick movement in the direction character is facing,

Double Attack, which makes the character attack twice in a quick succession,

Enhanced Shot, which adds fire damage to the projectile,

Invincibility giving complete immunity to damage for a very short time,

Tricky Trap, which allows you to place a trap on the ground which lasts for several seconds or until something steps on it.

Dash spell

Areas – first area after leaving the city will most likely be Southern Woods. It’s a green, leafy area with some mountains and plains. I decided that it will be the best if the cemetery will be moved further into the game, and the woods are on the way there. The area needed completely new assets, so here they are too – bushes, plants, shrubs, flowers, ground clutter. Seems varied enough for now.

New nature assets

Walk through woods area

Aaaand new enemies in Arpago. Woods and cemetery needed to be filled up with all kinds of dangerous stuff, so here is a boar:

Here’s a Ghoul, a monster similar in strength to Skeletons or Scorpions.

…and a Zombie – much stronger undead creature with a couple of deadly abilities.


Also a bonus – a quick mock-up of a the most famous quest from MMO Tibia: