Major update – Sound, music, feedback, tutorial

Major update – Sound, music, feedback, tutorial

In the last month we’ve been adding/polishing the following
– sound design – adding music, sound effects, and all audio systems
– improved combat feedback – new particle effects, screen shake, white blink on hit, juicy sounds
– cutscene system – it allows any camera movements/rotation, custom animations of characters, special sound/visual effects
– finished tutorial area and extended the first dungeon – player gets basic abilities/spells during the first few minutes and then has few minute long section to learn to use them
– a ton of new assets
– encampements with fireplaces and temples with certain torches will be used as checkpoints for respawning / loading the game
– main menu improvements – fluid transitions between screens, fixed saving/loading game, custom character features display correctly

Ok, less words, here’s a video of the first 10 minutes with the game  WITH SOUNDS AND MUSIC! 

I recommend watching at least some of the video, but for those who prefer gifs, here are some of those 

Screen shake, new animated particle for blood, “white blink” on hit, and fixed loot falling out of dead enemies (it’s cheese if anyone wonders)

A bunch of characters and creatures from Arpago 

A quick look at main menu with its new fancy smooth animations:

And a little gif showcasing cutscene system + new dialogue “clouds”

There’s a lot of stuff we’ve changed that I didn’t mention, but that’s because it’s not really that interesting 
I’d be very glad to answer any questions or have a discussion, cheers!