Little improvements, in-game tutorial

Little improvements, in-game tutorial

Most recent additions to Arpago are overall fixes regarding game’s interface polish. When players start the game, they might feel a little lost – the tutorial will help themselves get familiar with the UI, the controls, the games rules, combat, and so on. For this reason, the first area was specifically crafted and will be updated a ton. There are tutorial pop-ups which show what to press, how to move, or navigate the menus. The tutorial tips have the possibility to show a box with text, an image, highlight an important object in the gameworld, and appear only if certain conditions are met (ex. player has an item, or doors are open).


The camera work will have much more improvements in the future, but for now the angles are fixed, but it still will be reviewed on case-by-case basis. Player character now turns towards the NPC, which is cool 🙂


Loot is already quite alright – I added a little effect, so that the item “flies” towards the character when it’s picked up.


And here’s a longer video of the tutorial area. There’s been some improvements regarding it, but I put it here togive you a feeling of the general idea.


Next interface update will be a complete UI visual redesign with some new functionalities, all of which is already designed and needs to be implemented into Unity.