Last quarter additions

Last quarter additions

Haven’t written for a while, but I have been working on the project tirelessly 🙂

I managed to implement a different animation system for weapons, each one can have a unique animation (instead of predefined by very broad weapon type). Here’s an example – Slingshot for Ranger:

I completely remade buffs/debuffs system – replaced it with Aura Controller, each aura can have its own icon, effect, length, etc… all affected by player/enemy stats. And it is all visible on the hud 😀

…as well as a few new particle effects, here are some examples:



Armor buff:


I implemented Pause functionality, as well as a bunch of in-game settings (which are saved, yay!)

Added Death system – for now, a short message is shown for a few seconds, and then you get teleported back to the last camp you rested at. Later, I plan on healing all enemies around the player who died, to remove possibility of rushing back after respawn again and again:

Created a ship that will be present in the game’s intro sequence:

…with fully modelled interior, which serves as main menu + character creation hub:

Completely redesigned loading system – now with added level-specific loading screens and progress bar:

Split-screen multiplayer functionality added to main menu + improved co-op specific interface + fixed a TON of issues with it:

Implemented varied environments within one “level” – like getting into a cave without a loading screen

Entirely new Fog of war (map discovery) controller – now it’s pretty slick, and it’s saved together with each player character separately. I really like it 😀

Also added collision blocks to prevent players from falling into the abyss or walking outside of the level

…and currently I am working on dialogues and quests. Here’s a little walk around the Dagis village, and a dialogue with farmer Ferk, who’s probably the first person you’ll meet there.

In case you have any questions or remarks, feel free to write here 😀
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