January to May – updates summary

January to May – updates summary

Hi! Here’s an update regarding last 4 months of progress – I guess such form of updates is more optimal, as my time is quite limited and creating those is quite time-consuming 😉 Onto the specifics then!

Improved NPCs – Now they can offer services, like cooking food or enhancing weapons. Also, there’s been a lot of new dialogues and triggered actions.

Improved UI – Whenever there’s something interactable, there’s a nice prompt under your character, and he reads or comments on whatever it is

…also there’s a little shiny particle effect associated with interactability

New weapon type – Bows, for ranger

Major Projectile/Hitbox rework – its workflow has been improved, and some new functionalities were gained. All creatures and all their attacks required to be migrated to the new system, it took a while but it works much better than before 🙂

Talent trees – each class will have unique set of talents to choose from. For now there’s Ranger’s one…

…and he has some gameplay-altering choices to make, like deciding whether he’d like to be more close-range or long-distance fighter…

…or deciding between high damage enhanced shot and crowd control icy shot!

Some bugfixes and visial improvements to tutorial puzzle area

Save/load system additions – talent trees, quest progress, and map discovery is correctly saved and loaded with your character 🙂

Bugfixing options screen, which works fine now!

Den area has been filled with assets and enemies, and who knows what else lurks in the darkness 🙂

Added a little underwater area

Added a new creature race – Collossus

…wondering what he’s up to?

Added a very different control scheme for KB+M – mouse targeting, like in Torchlight or Diablo 🙂

So I guess that’s quite a lot of major changes recently, now the plan is to focus on adding world state changes, plus content creation – quests, areas, zones, interactable objects, enemy placements, and some balancing wouldn’t hurt either.