Gameplay videos – New enemies and areas

Gameplay videos – New enemies and areas

After a little break, I continued development of the project. In the recent weeks, I added a lot of new features to the game, so I’ll follow up with a few new posts regarding updates. First of all – gameplay videos. I added 2 new enemies and basic setup for their zones. They are more complex than previous ones, both are using new mechanics.


Cyclops close-up

Cyclops is a fast, large creature which lives mainly in the mountainous areas. He’s currently balanced for characters around level 30, and grants 90 experience points. His attacks include a strong melee hit, a stomp – which slightly slows everyone around the monster, and a firebolt shot from the eye, which deals a lot of fire damage and heavily slows. Loot hasn’t been tuned yet, but he sometimes drops Torturer’s Armor and Steel Boots. My main influence was a creature of the same name from Heroes of Might and Magic 1 😉 Below you can find a video showing the fight:


Hellspawn close-up

Hellspawn is a demonic monster usually roaming deep volcanic dungeons. A single one is a worthy enemy for players around level 45, but several of them might be deadly even to higher level players due to his pure damage ability. Apart from basic melee attack, he can cause harm in other ways. Firerain causes a lot of fire damage and falls on everyone within a large radius, but after a short delay, which makes this ability avoidable. Explosion is an ability which causes a giant explosion, that can harm everyone around Hellspawn who hasn’t managed to hide behind environmental obstacles. Stalag Beam is a skill which is deadly to anyone right in front of the monster – it impales and stuns all that it reaches while dealing true damage. Here’s a short video showing a ranger fighting a Hellspawn.