Cool and new

Cool and new

Keeping up with all the media is a bit difficult on your own, so here I will try listing what we’ve achieved in the last 80 days 🙂

A new font, much easier to read:


New workflow for creation of dialogues and quests – I can now create/modify dialogue in no time, as I write them in a neatly made Excel sheet:


Improved enemy pathfinding – they can go around each other now to some extent, and there are no glitches/jumps:


Re-implemented weapon trails, and made them look better!

Inventory interface improvements:

Added a bunch of new camps (which are savepoints) to the tutorial area:

Completely new animations for almost all Ranger abilities, pretty happy with those:

Few pieces of creatures concept art:

Tricky Trap now has a cool animation when triggered:

New tooltip system, the old one was cool but it caused issues (disappearing in certain camera angles, slow performance):

And some combat, because I haven’t posted any in a while:


Using feedback from various sources, I tried improving whatever I could last month, and picked up the pace a bit. As always, I’d be more than happy to answer any questions :D Cheers!