Content – new enemies, area

Content – new enemies, area

A bunch of new enemies has joined Arpago’s bestiary :)

A possessed Skull is a being summoned by dark magic and generally lurks in deep dungeons, tombs, abandoned ruins, and cemetaries. It poses a larger threat to ranged characters, as it has a very strong, screen-sized area of effect slow, as well as firebolt spell which deals a lot of damage to unarmored targets and slows even further.

Witch has made Deep Swamp her home, and awaits the arrival of anyone who dares to enter her domain. She might cast a poison bomb on any place around her, which deals damage to everyone who walks into it. Her poison bolts are fast moving missiles, which cause damage over time to the target. She might try to confuse you or finish you off with her Spider summons, just to make situation even more embarassing.


Here’s a video showing a Warrior getting killed by a Witch and her summoned Spider:


And a little teaser of a new area – Deep Swamp (with a new enemy type, a Slime):


And a panorama of mostly finished area – Southern Woods:

panorama of Southern Woods

Currently I am working on expanding the bestiary a little bit and setting up the Deep Swamp area. I have some stuff ready (trees, ground textures and models, plants, Dragonfly, Scorpion, Witch and Slime enemies), some ideas (moving lightsources like fireflies to create the mood; maybe a Mud Beast enemy or Earth Elemental; an immobile enemy type like a hostile plant; fog effect all over the place), and it’s progressing pretty well! Will post an update when I have a little more to show.