These are rough descriptions of the character archetypes that are at different stages of implementation. At the start of the game, during character creation, player chooses one from the available options that will decide the playstyle of that character, his weapon choices, available abilities, sometimes unique quests or rewards. Every class has a main attribute which has the highest rate of advancement and grants largest bonus to the effectiveness of the character. Some of the classes have a secondary attribute which grows at a slower rate, but still allows for the use of additional abilities that might not be directly tied to the class. The classes mentioned in the first table are core ones.

Class nameIconDescriptionMain stat2nd stat
WarriorWarrior Class Icon    A class specializing in melee weapons and shields. A warrior can use most basic spells, as well as abilities like armor buff, shockwave, stun, and melee weapon-based attacks.STRAGI
RangerRanger Class Icon A quickly moving distance fighter. A ranger can use several spells of medium difficulty, as well as crossbows, simple traps, and certain skills like arrow rain.AGIWIS
MarksmanMarksman Class IconA precise and tactical ranged class, which mainly uses thrown weapons and has rather limited offensive casting abilities, but it makes up with self-healing, advanced traps, and resistances.AGISTR
SummonerSummoner Class IconA mage class, which specializes in spellcasting and conjuration. A summoner has very low raw defense, and he has to rely on avoiding damage, as well as using abilities like manashield, invisibility, and active resistances. It's a good support class, which can cast group buffs and area healing spells.WISAGI
BattlemageBattlemage Class IconA melee fighter focusing on magical enchantments. Battlemage specializes in using staves and low range spells in combat. He has a limited ability to heal and cast beneficial auras on himself and others.WISSTR
PaladinA semi-support class, specializing in melee fighting and granting benefits to allies around him.STRWIS


Below are classes which I have only a rough idea – some specialized classes (without secondary stat), and some additional ones. They might be implemented at a later time.

Class nameIconDescriptionMain stat2nd stat
A fearless melee fighter, mainly depending on lifesteal, quick movement and bleed effects. His abilities constist of roars, screams, and yelling, because he's such a savage, alright?STR-
SorcererAn ultimate mage class with strong offensive spells, basic healing, and very low defense and resistances.WIS-
AssassinAn agile melee-ranged hybrid class with bonus to attack speed and penalty to damage. Can cast some poison-based spells, thrown weapons, as well as cause bleed and silence effects.AGI-
NecromancerA magic-based class, which heavily relies on undead minions and curse spells. Its defensive abilities are on medium level.WISSTR
BloodmageA mage who uses his own lifeforce to cast spells instead of mana.STRWIS