City progress – Temples, Square, Stores, Park, Market

City progress – Temples, Square, Stores, Park, Market

Sped up work with unique town buildings and  main infrastructure of the city is getting closer and closer to completion. Walled part’s trading square constists of weapon store, armor store, and post office. It will have a pretty cool fountain in the middle.

A gif with Armor Store


Another one with Post Office

And another with a fountain…

Near the square, there’s a little park with a very small Temple of Amaranfire – a mysterious deity:

In the middle city, there’s a market with various vendors selling their goods. In the back on the left you can see old town with wooden shacks and Shaman’s hut, and there’s Barracks building on the right.

Near the market and armory (middle of the city after all), there’s a large Temple of Folaei – where anyone can enter and worship a nature spirit Folaei:

Temple of Folaei overview

Temple of Folaei belltower screenshotTemple of Folaei interior