Arpago’s October report!

Arpago’s October report!

Well, let’s sum up most recent progress. Done some enemy balancing, major camera behaviour tweaks, graphical enhancements (mainly water, ambient light, and caustics), added mechanics behind talent tree nodes (for Ranger for now), added new zones, new puzzles, new areas, working zone-specific light effects and skyboxes, and a ton of fixes and additions.

Witch encounter has been promoted to a boss fight, and she has received her own lair – a creepy house in the graveyard area, some lore, and an introductory cutscene.

Spells and abilities now can have cooldown time, which is visible in the HUD.

One of new NPCs, a void mage

Introductory video of Wolfmother, yet another boss 😉

New interface during conversations – less limited space allow for longer options for the player, and it’s much less taxing on the system.

Just an interesting area that definitely doesn’t serve any hidden purpose

A lot of progress has been done in sound effect department, as I’ve been implementing various sounds in the game world, tweaking volume, balancing performance, and so on. I hope to share a video with sound soon.