The project, named Arpago, is a rather simple action-RPG game using top-down perspective and 3D graphics in late 90s style (N64 / PSX-era).

The game is loosely inspired by Egoboo, while taking pieces of Dungeon Siege, Tibia, as well as other modern fantasy works.  The name is a mixture of “RPG” abbreviation,  and word “Archipelago” as the game’s world is going to consist of many islands. Plus it sounds a little bit like “Egoboo” 🙂

I am currently working on it in my spare time. And since there is finally something to show, I’ve decided to set up a devblog where I detail most of my work on the project – it helps me track progress and ask for feedback.

I am the author of all of the models, textures, animations, rigs, particle effects, and scripts – basically the only things I plan to get from 3rd party sources are sounds, music, and shaders.

I haven’t decided on the majority of features, but at the moment I plan to include the following stuff in the game

  • a fully explorable world, probably divided into sectors for performance/technical reasons,
  • at least 5 classes,
  • lots of weapons, and weapon types: melee (slashing, smashing, thrust, staves), thrown, ranged (bows, crossbows, wands, rods), traps,
  • lots of gear – helmets, armors, shields, rings, hands, boots,
  • spell system,
  • a large bestiary,
  • different AI behaviour types for different enemies – ex. melee/ranged, aggressive/cautious, precise/careless,
  • no level-scaling,
  • splitscreen multiplayer,
  • haven’t decided if online multiplayer will be included, but I’ll definitely try,
  • retro 3D graphics – rendering resolution 640×480, a limited color palette, low-poly models, no texture filtering.

If you’ve got any questions regarding Arpago, or anything else – be sure to post a comment wherever you want!